Gang Up! 2nd Edition, Tedx speech and film shoot GiTP


Gang Up! is now available in Dutch gamestores and can be ordered online here exclusively at HOT games!

The new version features a more streamlined and faster experience. We fixed some minor issues, so more cards are playable with lower status and the status necessity for crimes no longer exists. Both mean that chances of having little or no options has decreased a lot, resulting in a better experience. We had to take out some cards to keep printing costs manageable. Hopefully these will return in an expansion pack.


(At HOT Games’ stand we launched the new version of the game at Spiel 2016 in Essen, Germany)



I gave a speech at Johnson & Johnsons Tedx event last month. I talked about the Kickstarter experience. It was nerve wracking but also a lot of fun. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to show you any footage of the talk, but I can show you an image of me being frightfully witty.

Paul van der Meer speaking at TedxJNJ

Imagine hearing a hilarious anecdote.


Film shoot GitP

Film shoot at GiTP

Film shoot at GiTP.

I was also present at a film shoot at GiTP in Utrecht. For several weeks I have been writing together with GiTP for an undisclosed project. I can share more at a later stage, but for now I can say the footage looks amazing.


There’s not much I can say about next year, but I have a couple of things in the pipeline. Some very digital and one you can keep in a box.

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